What does Shepitex LLC do?

Shepitex LLC is a company specialized in exporting used clothing and shoes to micro-enterprises in third world countries. We purchase our raw material from well known, reputable charities and private collectors in the US. These organizations are paid a fee for their product to enable them to cover their costs for shipping, labor and administrative expenses. Once the goods arrive at our facility we re-sort and package these items. The clothing is compacted and neatly wrapped in either 300lbs cap sacks (#1 clothing) or  800-850lbs bales (salvage grade #2 clothing) to provide a protective cover for storage and transportation and the shoes and other small items such as toys and handbags are packed in 30lbs or 50lbs transparent bags.

What countries does Shepitex ship to?

We export the shoes and clothing to very low income countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Guatemala, Pakistan and Chile. Importers in these countries are able to purchase our goods, clear customs and distribute the items to thousands of small local micro-enterprises. It is estimated that millions of people make a living from buying and selling used clothing and shoes.


What role does Shepitex play in the micro-enterprise process?

Unlike some of the larger clothing and shoe recycling companies that process their materials in huge facilities overseas, Shepitex operates where the clothing originates from, in the USA. Shepitex LLC is proud to be an important part of the chain that starts with people donating their unwanted shoes and clothing to charities or fundraising drives. We support the charity or fundraiser by paying a fee per pound for the material and we create jobs in the USA by way of processing the purchased items at our Franklin, NJ location. Furthermore, we take care of all exporting logistics and documentation, allowing our contacts to distribute the material overseas for micro-enterprise. Finally, the third world end user is given the opportunity to purchase high quality second hand clothing at an affordable price.


Shepitex can provide organizations with logistic solutions for charity trips to Tanzania to witness the micro-enterprising at work. Contact us for more information.